Accomodation and Venues

Biendo Hotel, Chemnitz
Accomodations for all three events are offered at the
Biendo Hotel Chemnitz
Straße der Nationen 12
09111 Chemnitz
at special rates of 57 EUR / night.
Reservation requests can be submitted with the conference registration for the FE or IP Symposium.
There is a hotel's own car park next to the Biendo Hotel (for a fee of 7,80 EUR / night). Please reserve a parking space in advance.
Besides, the Biendo Hotel has a perfect access to the public transport. A list of restaurants nearby can be found here.
The Finite Element Symposium and the Symposium on Inverse Problems will take place in a small conference center ( pentagon3 ) across the
park (Stadthallenpark)
opposite the Biendo Hotel.
The Summer School on Applied Analysis will take place in the Mathematics Building on Reichenhainer Straße 39/41, Room 638. For this event you may also make your arrangements for accomodation with the Seaside Residenz Hotel instead of the Biendo Hotel. (view local map)
Conference Center
Conference Center, Chemnitz