Preconditioning 2022:   Abstract Submission

The deadline for submission of abstracts was on May 10th.
If you still want to present a talk, please contact the organisers by e-mail.
It is recommended to submit your abstract immediately after the registration (to avoid some additional effort). Of course, you may decide to send the abstract separately now.

Please use this form to submit your abstract. This procedure greatly facilitates the production of the “Collection of Abstracts” that will be published in a booklet and on the Web.
Please restrict your abstract to about 200-300 words.
Write LaTeX source as you would put it between \begin{abstract} ... \end{abstract} (only body of the abstract, no headers).

Furthermore, please comply the following rules:

If you are not familiar with LaTeX, plain text should come out fine as well. Put a blank line where you would like to start a new paragraph.
Author information is requested separately as plain text (may include LaTeX symbols, e.g. ö = \"o).

If you have multiple co-authors and / or references, you may add more input fields below.

Abstract Submission Please fill out the following form to submit an abstract to the Preconditioning 2022
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