Monday, September 30, 2019
12:00 Registration
13:00 Opening
Invited talk 1
Chair: Jan-Frederik Pietschmann
13:15 Angkana Rüland Uniqueness, stability and single measurement recovery for the fractional Calderon problem
Session 1
Chair: Angkana Rüland
14:30 Yury Korolev Convergence rates for inverse problems with imperfect forward operators
15:00 Robert Plato Regularization of the periodic autoconvolution equation
15:30 Sarah Eberle Monotonicity-based methods for the reconstruction of inclusions in linear elasticity
Session 2
Chair: Roland Griesmaier
16:20 Alexander Grimm Surrogate Modeling in Geoseismik Inverse Problems
16:50 Fredrik Hildrum Nonlinear Lavrentiev regularization of monotone ill-posed equations
17:20 Michael Quellmalz Reconstructing Functions on the Sphere from Circular Means
Tuesday, October 01, 2019
Invited talk 2
Chair: Masahiro Yamamoto
09:00 Elisa Francini Stable determination of polygonal and polyhedral interfaces from boundary measurements
Session 3
Chair: Robert Plato
10:15 Frank Werner Convergence Analysis of (Statistical) Inverse Problems under Conditional Stability Estimates
10:45 Hanne Kekkonen Edge preserving random tree Besov priors
11:15 Simon Weissmann Analysis of the ensemble Kalman inversion
11:45 Peter Mathé Relating direct and inverse problems via the modulus of continuity
Invited talk 3
Chair: Bernd Hofmann
13:45 Masahiro Yamamoto Inverse source problems for compressible viscous fluids by Carleman estimates
Session 4
Chair: Christian Clason
14:30 Bill Rundell Recovery of unknown terms in reaction diffusion equations
15:00 Tram Thi Ngoc Nguyen The tangential cone condition for some coefficient identification model problems in parabolic PDEs
15:30 Marvin Knöller Reconstructing thin tubular scattering objects in electromagnetic scattering
Session 5
Chair: Martin Hanke
16:30 Robert Beinert Tensor-Free Proximal Algorithms for Bilinear Inverse Problems with Applications to Phase Retrieval
17:00 Niloopher Salam Damped Landweber Iterative Scheme for Parameter Identification Problems
17:30 Tim Jahn Beyond the Bakushinskii veto
Wednesday, October 02, 2019
Invited talk 4
Chair: Elisa Francini
09:00 Peter Maass Regularization properties of neural networks for inverse problems
Session 6
Chair: Volker Michel
10:15 Martin Hanke The inverse Henderson problem
10:45 Kai Bremer Schatten-q-Norm based Distance Measure for Registration of Multiple Images
11:15 Hari Om Aggrawal A variational image registration model for images with cracks
11:45 Jose A. Iglesias Convergence of level sets for total variation regularization in Banach spaces
Invited talk 5
Chair: Bill Rundell
13:45 Nuutti Hyvönen Logarithmic linearization for inverse elliptic boundary value problems
Session 7
Chair: Christian Gerhards
14:30 Gabriel Teschner A Framework for Estimation of Flow Geometry Velocity from Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry
15:00 Christopher Hofmann Case Studies on Tikhonov Regularization with Oversmoothing Penalties
15:30 Marcello Carioni Sparsity of solutions for variational inverse problems with finite-dimensional data
16:00 Kemal Raik Heuristic Rules for Convex Regularisation
16:30 Felix Bartel Fast Cross-validation in Harmonic Approximation
Invited talk 6
Chair: Bastian Harrach
17:20 Barbara Kaltenbacher Regularization of backwards diffusion by fractional time derivatives