Preconditioning 2022
International Conference on Preconditioning Techniques for Scientific and Industrial Applications

The goal of this series of conferences is to address the complex issues related to the solution of general sparse matrix problems in large-scale applications and in industrial settings.

Date June 08 - 10, 2022
Time schedule
  • To be announced
Scientific topics

The topics to be covered at the conference include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • incomplete factorization preconditioners
  • domain decomposition preconditioners
  • approximate inverse preconditioners
  • block preconditioning
  • multi-level preconditoners
  • graph and mesh partitioners
  • preconditioners based on randomization
  • preconditioning techniques for finite element discretizations
  • preconditioning multiphysics problems
  • preconditioning in data science and machine learning
  • preconditioning techniques in eigenvalue computation, optimization problems
  • applications including but not limited to: computational fluid dynamics, materials science and nanosciences, image processing, petroleum industry, semiconductor device simulations, computational finance, and data science

Conference Site The conference takes place at Chemnitz, Reichenhainer Stra├če 70, Germany
Host institution: Department of Mathematics, Chemnitz, University of Technology
Invited speakers
Hartwig Anzt (KIT, Germany)
Erin Carson (Charles University, Czech Republic)
Eric Cyr (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)
Selime Gürol (Cerfacs, France)
John Pearson (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Jennifer Scott ( University of Reading, United Kingdom)
Yuanzhe Xi (Emory University, USA)
Program Committee
M. Benzi (Pisa) D. Osei-Kuffuor (Livermore, California) X. Sherry Li (Berkeley)
J. Chen (Cambridge) J. Pestana (Glasgow) R. Tuminaro (Livermore,California)
M. Freitag (Potsdam) A. Ramage (Glasgow) K. Vuik (Delft)
M. Gander (Genève) T. Rees ( Oxfordshire, UK) L. Ying (Stanford )
C. Greif (Vancouver) M. Rozložník (Prague)
M. Ng (Hong Kong) M. Saunders (Stanford)
Important dates
Contributions Talks: 25 minutes (plus discussion, 5 minutes)
Conference Chairs Esmond Ng, Yousef Saad, Andy Wathen
Local Organisation M. Stoll, R. Herzog, A.-K. Glanzberg
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