Preconditioning 2022: Program

Program for Wednesday, June 08 2022

Uni 316 09:00 Opening
Uni 316 Chair: Martin Stoll
Uni 316 09:50 Hartwig Anzt: Lossy Compression and Mixed Precision Strategies for High Performance Preconditioning
Library 10:35 Coffee
Library HPC GPU Part 1 Preconditioning Applications in CSE Part 1
Library Chair: H. Anzt Chair: J. Pearson
Library 11:10 Tobias Ribizel:
High Performance Incomplete Sparse Factorizations on GPUs
Rebekka Beddig:
An error-based low-rank correction for pressure Schur complement preconditioners
Library 11:35 Fritz Göbel:
Mixed Precision Sparse Triangular Solves
Kai Bergermann:
A block-preconditioner for Cahn--Hilliard systems modelling the morphology evolution in organic semiconductors
Library 12:00 Yu-Hsiang Tsai:
Mixed Precision Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioning
Fabian Castelli:
A Parallel Matrix-Free Preconditioner for Cahn--Hilliard-Type Phase Separation in Battery Particles
Library 12:25 Abdeselam El Haman Abdeselam:
Porting an aggregation-based algebraic multigrid method to GPUs
Katrin Mang:
Robust preconditioning for a mixed formulation of phase-field fracture problems
12:50 Lunch
Uni 316 Chair: A. Wathen
Uni 316 14:15 Eric Cyr: Preconditioners for Plasma Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics: Handling Multiple Timescales
Uni 316 15:00 Tyrone Rees: Element-based preconditioners for mixed finite element problems
Library 15:30 Coffee
Library Chair: T. Rees
Library 16:10 Pierre-Loïc Bacq: A new semi-algebraic two-grid method for Oseen problems
Library 16:35 Johannes Kasimir: Matrix free multigrid preconditioner for high order Discontinuous Galerkin discretization - based on low order discretization on sub cell grid
Library 17:00 Faisal Fairag: Level 2 Circulant Preconditioners for the Navier-Stokes Equations
Library 17:25 Yvan Notay: All-at-once algebraic multigrid for Stokes problems

Program for Thursday, June 09 2022

Uni 316 Chair: Y. Saad
Uni 316 09:00 Rasmus Tamstorf: Hanging in the error balance
Uni 316 09:45 Victorita Dolean: Block Toeplitz matrices in domain decomposition
Library 10:30 Coffee
Preconditioning Applications in CSE Part 2 Structured Linear Systems
Library Chair: Y. Xi Chair: J. Pearson
Library 11:10 Gregor Olenik:
Evaluating Distributed GPU Preconditioners for Fluid Flow Simulations of the Human Nose
Andreas Potschka:
A double Schur complement approach for preconditioning certain regularized saddle-point systems
Library 11:35 Stefan Prüger:
FROSch -- the Fast and Robust Overlapping Schwarz Preconditioner framework -- in Chemo-Mechanics
Ivo Dravins:
On stage-parallel preconditioning of implicit Runge-Kutta methods
Library 12:00 Falco Schneider:
AMG Preconditioning for Nonlinear Systems of DAEs Modelling Degradation in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Ken Trotti:
Matrices associated to two conservative discretizations of Riesz fractional operators and related multigrid solvers
Library 12:25 Simon Praetorius:
An efficient numerical framework for the phase-field crystal equation and its amplitude expansion
Santolo Leveque:
Preconditioning Optimal Control of Incompressible Viscous Fluid Flow
12:50 Lunch
Uni 316 Chair: R. Herzog
Uni 316 14:15 Erin Carson: Opportunities for Mixed Precision in Preconditioned Iterative Methods
Uni 316 15:00 Jennifer Loe: Polynomial Preconditioning GMRES with Mixed Precisions
Library 15:30 Coffee
HPC GPU Part 2
Library Chair: Y. Notay
Library 16:10 Siham Boukhris: AMG preconditioning using a Stencil-CSR matrix format on GPUs
Library 16:35 Pratik Nayak: Asynchronous batched methods on GPUs
Library 17:00 Luise Blank: Some notes and questions about preconditioning concerning optimal control of parabolic equations
Library 17:25 Jens Saak: Observations regarding single preconditioners for sequences of shifted linear systems
Evening Conference Dinner

Program for Friday, June 10 2022

Uni 316 Chair: E. Ng
Uni 316 09:00 Yuanzhe Xi: Robust structured block preconditioning for kernel matrices
Uni 316 09:45 John Pearson: Advances in Block Preconditioning for Time-Dependent PDE-Constrained Optimization
Library 10:30 Coffee
Data Assimilation
Library Chair: M. Freitag
Library 11:10 Ieva Dauzickaite:
Randomised preconditioning for time-parallel data assimilation
Library 11:35 Svetlana Dubinkina:
Shadowing-based data assimilation method for partially observed models
Library 12:00 Karl Meerbergen:
Two-level preconditioning for Ridge Regression
Library 12:25 Ehouarn Simon:
A note on inexact inner product in GMRES