Thursday, September 26, 2019
Chair: Martin Stoll,  Room: N010
Plenary 1
Chair: Martin Stoll,  Room: N010
09:15 Reinhold Schneider Variational Monte Carlo Methods for Classical Solution of Hamilton Jacobi Bellmann Equations
10:00 Coffee Break
Thursday Morning 1
Chair: Daniel Kressner,  Room: N010
Thursday Morning 2
Chair: Melina Freitag,  Room: N005
10:30 Robin Ahrens Tensor trains and moment conservation for multivariate aggregation in population balance modeling Sven-Erik Ekström Matrix-less methods
11:00 Hussam Al Daas Communication-avoiding orthogonalization algorithm for tensor trains Davide Palitta Matrix equation techniques for time-dependent partial differential equations
11:30 Dmitry Savostyanov Tensor product approach to quantum control Kirk M. Soodhalter GMRES from a Hilbert space perspective
12:00 Lunch
Plenary 2
Chair: Stefan Guettel,  Room: N010
13:30 Alison Ramage Saddle-point Problems in Liquid Crystal Modelling
14:15 Coffee Break
Thursday Afternoon 1
Chair: Valeria Simoncini,  Room: N010
Thursday Afternoon 2
Chair: Kirk M. Soodhalter,  Room: N005
14:45 Domitilla Brandoni Tensor-Train Decomposition for image classification Marie Kubínová Prescribing convergence behavior of block Arnoldi and GMRES
15:15 Kirandeep Kour Approximation of Kernel using Tensor Train for Feature Extraction Sabine Le Borne Preconditioners for RBF-FD discretized fluid flow problems
15:45 Alexandra Bünger Low-rank tensor methods for PDE-constrained optimization with isogeometric analysis Jörg Liesen Block diagonal dominance of matrices revisited
16:15 Moulay Abdellah Chkifa Leja and $\Re$-Leja points for computing and preconditioning linear systems Isabella Furci Spectral Analysis of Saddle–point Matrices from Optimal Control PDE Problems
16:45 Break
17:00 Business Meeting
19:00 Conference Dinner
Friday, September 27, 2019
Plenary 3
Chair: Jörg Liesen,  Room: N010
09:00 Andreas Frommer Numerical Linear Algebra in Lattice QCD
09:45 Coffee Break
Friday Morning 1
Chair: Martin Stoll,  Room: N010
Friday Morning 2
Chair: Roland Herzog,  Room: N005
10:15 Marija Miloloža Pandur Detecting hyperbolic quadratic eigenvalue problems Daniel Kressner On cross approximation for matrices and tensors
10:45 Carolin Penke High Performance Solution of Skew-symmetric Eigenvalue Problems with Applications in Solving the Bethe-Salpeter Eigenvalue Problem Kathryn Lund The tensor t-function: a definition for functions of third-order tensors
11:15 Stephanie Friedhoff Convergence Analysis for Parareal and Multigrid-reduction-in-time Jana Žáková The total least squares and the core problem in tensor settings
11:45 Camilla Hahn Auto-generated structured meshes for shape optimization Volker Mehrmann The distance to singularity for dissipative Hamiltonian systems
12:15 Lunch