Program — Book of abstracts (PDF)

Chemnitz FE Symposium 2023:   Program

Monday, September 11, 2023
09:00 Opening
Chair: Ulrich Langer
09:10 David Keyes Nonlinear Preconditioning for Implicit Solution of Discretized PDEs
10:00 Coffee Break
Chair: Ulrich Langer
Chair: Roland Herzog
10:30 Christian Döding Numerical approximation of nonlinear Schrödinger equations by localized orthogonal decomposition Ernesto Castillo Reduced order modeling of time-dependent generalized Newtonian fluid flows
10:55 Peter Munch Optimizing multigrid smoothers for high-order matrix-free FEM computations Gert Lube H(div)-conforming dGFEM for turbulent incompressible wall-bounded Navier-Stokes flows
11:20 Tim Haubold High order biorthogonal basis functions Gunar Matthies Higher order discontinuous Galerkin methods in time and pressure-robust finite element discretizations applied to time-dependent Stokes problems
11:45 Douglas Ramalho Queiroz Pacheco IMEX methods for incompressible flows with variable viscosity Marwa Zainelabdeen An Optimally Convergent Convection-Stabilized Taylor–Hood Finite Element Method for the Oseen Equations
12:10 Lunch Break
Parallel in Time
Chair: Gundolf Haase
13:30 Martin J. Gander Good Parallel in Time Methods for Hyperbolic Problems
14:20 Poster Set-Up / Room Change
Poster Pitches
Chair: Fleurianne Bertrand
14:30 Lina Fesefeldt Choosing starting vectors for Newton's method in nonlinear elasticity
14:32 Daniel Bauer Multigrid in H(curl) on Hybrid Tetrahedral Grids
14:34 Fabian Böhm Matrix-free Implementation and Evaluation of the Enriched Galerkin Finite Element Method for the Stokes Problem with Varying Viscosity
14:36 Pierre-Alain Goulm Pairing Raviart-Thomas elements with conforming nodal elments in mixed finite element dicretizations
14:40 Coffee Break + Poster Discussion
Applications & Optimal Control
Chair: Barbara Kaltenbacher
Chair: Martin J. Gander
15:10 Roland Herzog Total Generalized Variation with Finite Elements and Applications Günther Of A Space-Time Fast Boundary Element Method for the Heat Equation with Temporal Nearfield Compression
15:35 Richard Schussnig Matrix-free Discontinuous Galerkin Solvers for the Cardiovascular System Bernhard Endtmayer Space Time Dual Weighted Residual Error Estimation
16:00 Max Winkler A finite volume method for transport induced neurite growth Janosch Preuss Unique continuation for the wave equation using a discontinuous Galerkin time discretization
16:25 Mahima Yadav On discrete ground states of rotating Bose-Einstein condensates Sebastian Franz Post-processing and improved error estimates of numerical methods for evolutionary systems
17:00 Guided Tour of the Wine Cellar
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Meeting Scientific Committee
Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Inverse Problems
Chair: Helmut Harbrecht
09:00 Barbara Kaltenbacher Optimization based formulation and solution of inverse problems
09:50 Coffee Break
Machine Learning / Optimal Control
Chair: Olaf Steinbach
Solvers / FEM-BEM
Chair: Gunar Matthies
10:20 Nils Margenberg Benchmarking Hybrid Finite Element/Deep Neural Networks and Classical Finite Element Methods Stephan Köhler Nonlinear FETI-DP and Quasi-Newton Methods
10:45 Reza Mokhtari Deep learning approaches based on HDG method for solving some nonlinear elliptic equations Helmut Harbrecht Isogeometric multilevel quadrature for forward and inverse random acoustic scattering
11:10 Philipp Zilk Identifying cracks in membranes via their eigenfrequencies - A theoretical and practical approach Max Brockmann Solving Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on Metric Graphs using Multigrid Methods
11:35 Thomas Apel Non-coercive boundary value problems Muhammad Tayyab Bin Saghir Finite Element Simulation for Elastic and Plastic Fluids
12:00 Ulrich Langer Mass-lumping discretization and solvers for distributed elliptic optimal control problems with L2-regularization Joachim Schöberl Finite Element Methods for Curvature Computation
12:25 Group Photo
12:35 Lunch Break
14:00 Excursion to Kogelberg
17:00 Return
18:30 Conference Dinner
Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Algebraic Multigrid Methods
Chair: Joachim Schöberl
09:00 Yvan Notay Algebraic multigrid for finite element discretizations
09:50 Coffee Break
Numerical Analysis
Chair: Thomas Apel
Scientific Computing
Chair: Yvan Notay
10:20 Olaf Steinbach Adaptive least-squares space-time finite element methods Max Firmbach Physics-based block preconditioning for mixed dimensional beam/solid coupling
10:45 Fleurianne Bertrand On the necessity of the inf-sup condition for a mixed finite element formulation Mohadese Ramezani Solving fractional Burgers equations using the Hopf-Cole transformation and local discontinuous Galerkin method
11:10 Harald Monsuur A pollution-free ultra-weak FOSLS discretization of the Helmholtz equation Deepika Garg Implicit-explicit time discretization for Oseen's equation at high Reynolds number with application to fractional step methods
11:35 Johanna Beier Derivation and simulation of thermoelastic Kirchhoff plates Henrik Schneider Least-Squares Finite Element Methode for a non-linear Sea-Ice problem
12:00 Closing
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Conference End